Strategic preparedness and response plan for the new coronavirus


This strategic preparedness and response plan outlines the public health measures that the international community stands ready to provide to support all countries to prepare for and respond to COVID-19. The document takes what we have learned so far about the virus and translates that knowledge into strategic action that can guide the efforts of all national and international partners when developing context-specific national and regional operational plans.

COVID‑19 Strategy update 14 April 2020

Supporting documents

Draft operational planning guidance for UN country teams to support national preparedness and response for COVID-19. The purpose of the document is to provide a practical guide for the UNCTs and partners to develop a country level operational plan to support national governments to prepare for and respond to COVID‑19 in line with the Strategic preparedness and response plan.

Updated Country Preparedness and Response Status for COVID-19

Strategic preparedness and response plan

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